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Farm-Fos-44 Testimonials

"Dear Tom

I write with an endorsement for your product known to me as Farm-Fos-44, but now on sale to the public as Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic. This will be my 8th year of use. As a Rose Breeder and a countryside lover I try to be as environmentally friendly as humanly possible and only use products that I feel will be safe.

For the last 10 years or so Europe has been increasingly attacked by a relatively new disease on roses – downy mildew. This disease looks like blackspot, but has a browner blotch. It attacks in mild temperatures and high humidity and can cause total defoliation in 3 days. My experience has shown that using Farm-Fos 44 (Uncle Tom's® Rose Tonic) every 3 weeks stops the disease almost totally. A spray in April is very important. If you don't like doing any spraying you can use a watering can once a month which will largely keep your roses healthy. As well as checking downy mildew it also stops blackspot.

Farm-Fos-44 is essentially a foliar feed, but in my view is very effective at protecting plants from damaging diseases. I don't know quite how it works, but the important thing is that it does! My trials have now been replicated by many others of the British rose industry with similar successful results.

The final bonus is that the foliar feeding of the product will dramatically enhance the growth and the flowering of your roses.

Yours sincerely

Chris Warner – International Rose Breeder, Newport, Shropshire."